February Charity of the Month: Pregnancy Care Center

Since the Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO opened in 2000 teen pregnancies have declined 20%! Their mission is to provide health, wellness, and education to young people facing an unplanned pregnancy. This facility isn’t just for girls either. They offer programs for the fathers-to-be and families. The Ozarks Connection introduced the Pregnancy Care Center in January of last year and since then they have helped our community in a big way.

Check out the stats below and see how you can help by volunteering.

  • 237,500 young people have participated in pregnancy and relationship programs since 2000.
  • Delivered crisis intervention and medical services to 13, 013 clients.
  • Through partnership with local schools, 201,135 young people have been empowered to choose healthy relationships.
  • In the past 13 years, abortion rates have decreased more than 49%.

Contact Information:
Address: 1342 E. Primrose, Ste. C, Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (417) 877-0800
Website: http://www.417choices.com

Their Mission: Providing health, wellness, and relationship education for young people facing an unplanned pregnancy, and presenting healthy relationship education in local schools to equip teens to make positive choices.

This is a local charity that is making a huge difference in the lives of young people living in the Ozarks. Whether you donate your time or money, The Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield, MO could use your help. Mark your calendars and make sure you attend the Pregnancy Care Center’s Annual Banquet April 5th.


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