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If you are currently spending money on advertising is it working for you? What if there was a way that you could lower your advertising cost and achieve a better result? There is a way.

What if you could spend less then a $500 a year and in return grow your business by being in front of thousands of people each of month. Why wouldn’t you do it?

What is the solution?… The Ozarks Connection

What is the Ozarks Connection?

People come to our site for area information. They want to know where the park is down the street. Where to go find tickets for a concert and when their favorite local sports team will be playing next.

So, how does this benefit you?

While thousands of people are coming to our site for information, they find you. A premier business.

What makes you premier?

We limit each category to include only a few of the best…unlike other business directories.

How will the Ozarks Connection grow your business…

The Ozarks Connection is an authoritative site in the Ozarks. By partnering with us you receive a minimum of three back-links to your established website.

How do we that?

We create a custom business page for you that is keyword optimized. Not only do we build you a custom page on our site, we also offer you the ability to post content on our website and we will feature you in newsletters and posts. You can even submit events for our calendar.

All of this drives traffic. And traffic means leads. Remember when people are looking for trustworthy businesses in your field, there will be a maximum of four to choose from…the odds are they will be more likely to find and choose you on The Ozarks Connection then on other business directories, as you are one of the premier not just one of the many.

I know what you are thinking. How much is this going to cost me?

$365 a year… Yes that is right just a dollar a day. Sound like a steal of a deal? It is. We want large and small business owners to be able to afford a premier business listing.

Remember, we are only able to accommodate a small number businesses in each category. Space is limited.

Think about your competitors…how many are there?

Chances are.. there are more than four? If there is then what are you waiting for. Partner with us and become a premier business. Why give your competitors an edge?

We would love to hear from you about great local businesses you would like to see on The Ozarks Connection or if you are a business owner fill out the form below and we will contact you.  Thanks!

Advertise With Us

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