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Trudy Stewart - Shaklee Independent Distributor

Shaklee Independent Distributor

People spend billions of dollars every year in the search of products that aid in anti-aging and weight loss. What many may not realize is that most products on the market have harmful side effects. Why not try natural supplements for weight loss and vitamins that can help build a healthier life? You can achieve weight loss without surgery in Springfield, MO.

Trudy Stewart has made it her goal to help others improve their health by providing one on one personalized service. Her own weight loss journey and pursuit of a healthier life has lead her to Shaklee products. The nutritional supplements increased her energy and mental clarity. Shaklee backs their products with a 100% guarantee and many are green.

Shaklee Products Trudy Loves:

  • Vivix: Fights against cellular aging
  • Vitalizer: Nutritional Supplement
  • Shaklee Cinch: Vanilla Shake Mix
  • Basic H2: Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
  • NutriFeron: Immune System Booster

If you are interested in changing your life for the better in the year to come, call Trudy to discuss how Shaklee products can improve your health. She can help you if you are looking for green cleaning products, nutritional supplements that are age appropriate, Cinch weight loss plan, and a complete beauty line. See how Shaklee Products can lead to a healthier life for you and your family.

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