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Did you ever wish that you had learned to play an instrument as a child, but were unable to take music lessons? Or do you want your child to learn a new skill? We all know the first step to learning how to play an instrument is finding a great teacher.

Violin Lessons in Springfield, MO

Susan Sponheim with a student

You are in luck. We have a highly trained and experienced violin teacher in Springfield, MO. Susan Sponheim, the owner of Strings of the Ozarks has been teaching fun violin lessons to children for over 35 years.

What makes her business unique is that she uses the Suzuki method. She teaches the parent how to play the violin before their child begins his/her lessons. Why? This training enables the parent to help their child more effectively.

Services Offered:

  • Violin Lessons using Suzuki Method
  • Private music lessons or small group lessons available
  • Parent participation necessary

Susan believes that talent is not inborn, but learned. Any child from the age of 3 years who can speak his/her native language and has age appropriate motor skills can learn to play the violin.

Contact Information:

Susan Sponheim
(417) 863-8494

If you are looking for a way to connect with your child and nurture the love of music in them, then call Susan to start your private violin lessons today. Wondering what the going rate for violin lessons are? Strings of the Ozarks can help answer all of your questions before your child starts their first violin lesson.