Celebrate Christmas With Your Kids

Things you can do with your kids at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expectant seasons for everybody, the best time of the year, especially for kids. It is the perfect opportunity to have a good time with your children and show them what Christmas is all about. There are many things do in Springfield, MO with them to make Christmas 2012 a memorable time for your children and your family.

Here are a few things you can do with your kids this Christmas in Springfield, MO:

  1. The first thing is to get into the Christmas spirit and one way you can do this is by decorating the Christmas tree. This can be an exciting activity for your kids. Get all of your Christmas ornaments out with the Christmas tree and have your kids help you decorate it. You can take your kids shopping for new Christmas ornaments and they can choose one they like to put on the tree. As you adorn the tree you can put some Christmas music on. This definitely will get the family in the Christmas spirit.
  2. Take your children to buy a Christmas gift for a kid in need. This is a perfect opportunity to show your children that Christmas is about giving. By getting a gift for a kid in need you are teaching the importance of caring for the less fortunate.
  3. Ask your children to help you pick a Christmas gift for a family member. This will shift the focus off their excitement for getting all the Christmas gifts for themselves.
  4. Make your own Christmas gifts. This is a fun activity that can light up your kids’ imagination. From a picture frame made of Popsicle sticks for grandma, a necklace made of buttons for mom, or a play-doh cup holder for dad. You can design your own Christmas greeting cards; draw a Christmas theme picture. Anything that can be done manually.
  5. Bake some delicious Christmas cookies. Ask your kids to help you bake some Christmas cookies. As you teach them to bake, mixing and measuring, you can assign them a simple task like beating the eggs, or decorating the cookies as you do more complicated baking tasks.

Christmas is a magical time of year. Choose one of these items above and start making memories with your kids. Looking for other things to do in Springfield, MO this Christmas? Take your kids to The Nutcracker or to see the lights at Silver Dollar City.

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