Changes Coming to Branson: Spirit of 76

Changes Coming to Branson- Spirit of 76

Branson, MO will see changes and updates in the coming year. The Spirit of 76 is a revitalization of Historic Downtown Branson and Hwy 76. A portion of the project will be completed in 2014 and it will include new sidewalk features and some getaway features that will name downtown as a premier destination. The 200 block of S. Commercial and the adjacent block on Pacific and College will be among the first to see updates.

The Spirit of 76 will…

  • develop a conceptual design plan and funding strategy
  • redesign and reconfigure the roadway
  • provide a safe and attractive access for all users: pedestrians, motorists, public transport
  • create unique themes with attractive landscape and streetscapes

The Spirit of 76 is estimated to take six years to complete and cost approximately $60 million dollars.

The Board of Alderman will oversee the project and they will update and inform the public of the progress. The future of Branson is bright. Upon the projects completion we will be able to walk along the promenade, window shop, and enjoy a ride on the trolley.  This development will enable Branson to encourage tourism and continue their legacy of being a place where families can come for quality entertainment and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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