Convoy of Hope is Feeding More in 2013

Our September charity of the month is familiar to so many locally and internationally for their relief efforts. Convoy of Hope is an international humanitarian relief organization that is based out of our hometown, and with that comes amazing opportunities for our community to make an impact in the lives of others close to home and other parts of the world.

It has been a year since we first shared Convoy of Hope on our site and since then they have helped tornado victims from Moore, OK, provided emergency supplies to those effected by Hurricane Sandy, expanded their children’s feeding initiative in Nicaragua, sponsored an orphanage in Haiti, and this doesn’t even scratch the surface.

In 2012 Convoy of Hope :

  • Served more than 6 million people 
  • Responded to 21 disasters 
  • 55 community outreaches held worldwide
  • Distributed $68 million worth of product 
  • 125,314 children enrolled in their feeding initiatives

Convoy of Hope can’t do this alone. They survive by the efforts of tens of thousands of volunteers and donations that individuals provide. Take a look at this wonderful organization and discover ways that you can help give to others. Convoy of Hope has also released their 2012 annual report to show where your contributions go in order to help those who are impoverished and suffering.

If you love to read and watch what Convoy of Hope is doing then check out their new blog The Hope Supply where you can experience their work as it is happening.

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