Father’s Day

Being a father is one of the greatest life’s blessings. In fact I don’t believe there is a greater gift in this world than the joy of being a dad. This June 16 we celebrate Father’s Day. A perfect opportunity to tell your dad how much he means to you.

If you are a dad this is your day and I would encourage you to make the most of this time surrounded by your children and your wife. Tell your children that you are very blessed to be their father. It isn’t just about you dad, but it is also about the people who have made you who you are.

Because it is your day I suppose you have the right to ask what you like. Following a couple of ideas to celebrate fatherhood.

  • Dickerson Park Zoo will have free admission for all fathers all day on June 16.
  • If you like good music tell your wife or your children to take you to Branson to see the Liverpool LegendsTheir two hour show pays tribute to The Beatles and is produced by Louise Harrison, the sister of George Harrison.

This June 16, 2013 celebrate Father’s Day with your loved ones and don’t forget to let your dad know he is special by doing something fun he’ll enjoy.

What is your fondest Father’s Day memory? Please let us know. 





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