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Craigslist Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO Craigslist is more than a place to buy and sell goods. Many are on the job hunt, but you may not know that you can find job listings on this site. This is a great place to find companies based in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas who aren’t willing to pay the high prices of large head hunters such as or Career Builder.

If you aren’t careful you could wind up getting scammed instead of finding your dream job. Here are a few helpful tips to making your job hunt on Craigslist Springfield, MO a success.

First, don’t give out personal information. It seems silly, but there is a tab that allows you to post your resume for potential employers to view your credentials. Many individuals forget to take off their addresses and phone numbers. Let’s face it…society isn’t what it used to be.

With that type of information for all the world to see you might end up with a few unwanted phone calls and worst case scenario an unwelcome visitor. Your name on a resume will suffice as the employer will contact you through Craigslist.

Second, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Some ads may boast of large slaries and quick cash, but it is important that you email them asking for more details. Remember, don’t give any personal information.

Lastly, look for quality listings. Spelling and grammar errors are an immediate turn off for me. Reputable companies will take the time to list qualifications, job description, and will provide you with instructions…send resume, apply in person, etc.

If you follow these simple steps you should improve your chances of finding a long term job with a reputable company. Springfield, MO Craigslist has a lot to offer our community, but remember it is important to protect your information. If you are looking to relocate then just click on the city where you will be moving to at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Good luck on the job hunt. I hope Craigslist Springfield, MO will lead you to your dream job.

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