Homeschooling Support in Springfield, MO

Homeschooling Support in Springfield, MO

There have been many in the Ozarks who have considered homeschooling in Springfield, MO and the surrounding communities. But for those of you who are currently weighing the pros and cons of the local public school systems and teaching your children from home there are plenty of resources to help guide you in your decision.

There are many families in the Ozarks who are successfully teaching their kids and in result are forming homeschooling networks in Springfield, MO and outlying cities. These individuals would be great to talk to before you choose to withdraw from your current school.

Here are a few resources for finding Homeschooling Support Groups in Missouri:

If you are looking for homeschooling co-ops that are religious based, then contact local churches as many support homeschooling parents by providing a place to network.

There are so many resources to those of you who choose homeschooling in Springfield, MO and surrounding communities. If you already homeschool then make sure you discover area attractions like, the Discovery Center, Rutledge Wilson Farm, and the local library as many have wonderful educational programs that families can take advantage of.

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