Good Samaritan Boys Ranch

The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch has been changing young boys lives since 1959. They help boys who have been abused and neglected by providing them with residential treatment that teaches them to be responsible, productive young adults.This local charity occupies 180 acres north of Springfield, MO and uses hands on activities, such as, their horsemanship program to develop self-confidence and the ability to trust others.

The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch has been dedicated to changing the lives of boys with emotional and behavioral issues for decades. Contact them to see how you can join them in creating a better future for boys in our community.

Contact Information:
Address: P.O. Box 617, Brighton, MO 65617
Phone: (417) 376-2238


The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch is a primary long-term treatment facility for boys with emotional and behavioral issues. This independent, non-denominational organization is known for outstanding treatment of troubled boys from across the state.

Ways to Volunteer:

  • Community Connections –provide emotional support for young men through contact via phone and visitation.
  • Young Adult Mentors – College students/young adults willing to volunteer time to “mentor” young men.
  • Visiting Resource – Spend time with boys living at the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. Includes monthly visits both on and off the Ranch.


  • Pass background check (provided).
  • Personal references required.
  • Participate in training for visiting resources for Transitional Living Foster kids.

Contact John Whittaker at 376-2238 for more information and additional requirements.


The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch outside of Springfield, MO has been changing the lives of thousands of young boys for decades. This is a local charity that could use your help. Here is a great way to give back to your community and impact future generations. Call them today to volunteer.

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