Moneyville Discovery Center

When I was a child my mother told me never to speak about money because it is impolite. But this summer I can talk all I want about money at the Discovery CenterSpringfield, Missouri where you can experience the history, science, math and economics behind money in Moneyville, a traveling exhibit from Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. 

This greatly interactive traveling exhibit uses the fascinating subject of money to build math skills and promote economic literacy in a fun immersive environment. Throughout the exhibit, visitors discover how money is made, spent, earned, and saved, and how it connects people around the world. The exhibit explore the history, science and culture behind monetary systems and start to see money in a whole new way. Visitors see that the system of economics is really about making choices and learning from the consequences of those choices, and they leave the exhibit with valuable problem-solving skills they can use every day.

Some of the on-hands activities go from creating your own money to exploring anti-counterfeiting measures to seeing what a million dollars looks like.

Moneyville is locally sponsored by MOST 529 and Ozarks Coin Club. The exhibit was made possible with funds provided by the National Science Foundation.

  • Moneyville opens on Tuesday, May 21-September 15, 2013.
  • Admission to this exhibit is included in general admission.  General Admission is $12 adults, $10 seniors, $8 children age 3-15.

If you are one of those who love money and hope to see your face on a $150 dollar bill someday, you will enjoy Moneyville, and I can promise you will leave the Discovery Center with a totally new perspective on money.

What’s the most valuable lesson about money you have ever learned?


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