New History Museum on Park Central Square

The New History Museum is open to the public at its new location on historic Park Central Square, 155 Park Central Square in Springfield, Missouri. The Museum exhibits our rich heritage of this beautiful place we all call home. The new location on the square has inspired the new name: History Museum on the Square.

The Museum has acquired over 100 thousand artifacts and items, the archival collection contains over 50 thousands articles which 30 thousands of those are extraordinary historic photographs.

The new museum offers  55,000 square feet of exhibit space, new high tech exhibits,  regional and national traveling exhibitions, walking tours of  historic downtown Springfield, an exciting shop with local  gifts  and books, and a variety of unique community rental spaces. The restored  Fox Theatre exhibits an avant-garde technology to present the  great historical foundations of our community to local and  area school children.

Going to museums is one of the highest rated activities for nationwide visitors to Missouri. If you haven’t visited the New History Museum on Park Central Square, come and enjoy its museum 55,000 square feet new space. Also make sure to check out the Discovery Center on St. Louis street.

When was the last time you checked out the museums in Springfield, MO? 




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