One Night to feedONE

One Night to feedONE Springfield MO

May 28th is World Hunger Day and a local charity in Springfield, MO is chipping in to do their part, but they need your help. Convoy of Hope has extended an invitation to friends and neighbors in the Ozarks to join them around the dinner table to support hungry and malnourished children at One Night to feedONE. Purchase a seat or a whole table and make a difference around the world.

The night will include a tasty dinner that is inspired by the meals children in Convoy of Hope’s feeding programs receive and guests will hear from the Executive Director of feedONE, Chris Sonksen. There will be plenty of fun activities and opportunities to meet staffers. One Night to feedONE will be an inspiring evening and one you won’t want to miss.

One Night to feedONE

May 28 @ Convoy of Hope Warehouse
330 S. Patterson Ave. Springfield, MO 54802

  • Regular Seat: $10.00
  • Reserve a table: $80 (8 seats)
  • Virtual Seat: Can’t go to the event, just donate here

One Night to feedONE will show you what it takes to feed a child for a whole year through feedONE, Convoy of Hope’s new feeding initiative. Invite your friends and family to the Convoy of Hope Warehouse and do your part to help feed hungry children across the world. As Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred then just feed one.”

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