Peruvian Cuisine in Springfield, MO

Paternoster's Bistro in Springfield, MO

The Midwest is known for its comfort food complete with chicken tenders, steak, and apple pie. There are plenty of restaurants in Springfield, MO that can provide those staples, but few introduce your tastebuds to other parts of the world. So, next time your stomach starts growling try something new. 

You may not realize that you are only a short drive away from the most authentic Peruvian cuisine in Springfield, MO. Paternoster’s Bistro offers a wide variety of dishes brought from the Andes along with a chef from the region. Add the finest local ingredients to create what many believe to be Springfield’s best kept secret.

If you are unfamiliar with Peruvian cuisine there are four traditional ingredients found in most dishes: potatoes, grains (quinoa), edible plants (fruits, legumes, squash), seafood and game. Paternoster’s Bistro has so many authentic dishes for you to try; feel free to browse their menu. If you aren’t looking to be adventurous don’t let that stop you from trying this restaurant in Springfield, MO as they also offer authentic Italian cuisine and American favorites.

I bet all this talk of food has made you hungry. Go ahead and pick up the phone to call in your reservation at Paternoster’s Bistro. Chef Mary will be ready to introduce you to her culture by providing you with authentic and quality Peruvian cuisine.

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