Oak Grove Park & Center

Oak Grove Center is a beautiful facility and a wonderful park. This facility offers a multi-purpose room that has everything you would need for an event: tables and chairs, kitchen, a gym for basketball or volleyball, and so much more. They even have a bouldering climbing wall and a bounce house for small children. While you are there check out the outdoor basketball courts and difficult disc golf course.

1538 S. Oak Grove, Springfield, MO 65804

(417) 891-1635


Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday   3:30 – 7

Closed on weekends for rentals

The Oak Grove Center also offers Martial Arts classes, ballet, Zumba, and Dog Obedience. Please contact (417) 891-1635 for more information.

You Will Find:

9 Hole Disc Golf Course


Picnic Tables & Grills

Restrooms & Drinking Fountain


Children’s Play Equipment

1 Youth Baseball Field-unlighted



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