White Water Announces New Slide: KaPau Plummet

White Water KaPau Plummet

As I’m writing this, there are 143 days before the launch of KaPau Plummet, White Water’s new slide for 2014. This will be the biggest thrill in White Water history. They already have 200 million gallons of fun rides and this will just add to the excitement.  

KaPau Plummet will feature two dueling 240-foot slides with a drop-floor launching riders into a 70-degree plunge! This encapsulated slide will have a 40 foot climb to the top of the tower and then send you free falling at 26 feet per second.

This 13-acre tropical paradise will be open before you know it. Grab your tickets and dare to drop in 2014 at White Water in Branson, MO.

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