Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

If you are one of those who loves history, you will love to spend a day at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. Wilson’s Creek is one of only two national parks in the state of Missouri.

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek marked the beginning of the Civil War in Missouri. On a scorching hot August 10, 1861, ten miles southwest of Springfield Missouri, the first important battle after Bull Run erupted. More than 12,000 Confederates and 5,400 Federals fought violently in the fields and on the hills bordering Wilson’s Creek. There were six hours of intense fighting that left extremely high casualties on the battlefield.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is a unit of the National Park System hosts over 200,000 visitors annually. It is considered to be one of the three best preserved and most pristine Civil War battlefields in the National Park System.

While many come to enjoy the natural setting, growing numbers of guests visit the park for study and research. Things you can do:

  • You can take the 4.9 mile paved tour road with eight interpretive stops at significant battle-related locations.
  • You can check out the Hulston Library at the Visitor Center. It has grown to be among the largest in the National Park System. Containing government records, books, diaries, maps, and journals, it is a wealth of historical information.
  • The Civil War Museum has an outstanding collection of Civil War artifacts that will give visitors a clearer understanding of the events that took place west of the Mississippi, as well as details of the lives of people involved.

Come and visit Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield and enjoy an educational and entertaining experience.




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